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A Thanksgiving Wish


As Thanksgiving approaches, you always hear people mention things they are thankful for. It is the beginning of the holiday season and people tend to slow down a little to enjoy the holidays and spend time with family. It is the beginning of reflecting on what we have experienced over the past year and also what is to come. I can say that I’m blessed to have a family and 3 kids that I’m thankful for and can’t wait to spend more time with them over the holidays!

However, as I work with different people on a daily basis, there is a large population of people that can’t wait until the holiday season is over. The hustle and bustle of such a busy time drives them to work more and not appreciate the present. It seems that I hear more and more about “I can’t wait until Friday” versus people enjoying one day at a time. I encourage you and will challenge myself to re-define what your purpose and passion in life is. What do you REALLY want to experience. Take a look at priorities. Put things in perspective. Take time to spend with family & friends.

One of the things I’m most thankful for is you!! Those of you  that have supported me and my family here at Brian Black Coaching. Just like any other business, it is a daily challenge to keep things balanced and moving forward in the right direction. It is through faith that I take one step at a time each day and learn from you as much as you may learn from me. I hope you ALL have a Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to sharing with you more next month as we come to the end of another year!!

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