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Happy New Year!

Once again, it is the beginning of a new year!!  On the other hand, some may see it merely as the end!! I guess it depends on where you are in life, but there are definitely two different ways to look at it. The problem is, for so many years we have only celebrated the beginning. I’m not aware of many events that have taken place where there was a celebration of the previous year ending, unless your team wins the Super Bowl or the World Series!

Regardless of which way you look at it, people always seem to be “preparing” for the beginning of something. In sports, the win/loss records are cleared and players are getting ready for the next year. In business, looking ahead with new business plans and projections are always being discussed. Even for families, planning financially and creating new schedules for kids is always a challenge and something new. However, the one thing that will always be consistent is that each morning we wake and have a new day to make difference.

At this point, I would hope that most people agree that there are both a beginning and an end. As for me, I always take time to reflect on the past in order to see how I’ve grown as a person. However, I will always see something new as the beginning of an opportunity. Everyone’s journey in life will be different and every road will not be the same, but pressing forward in both the good and the bad times will lead to a great adventure.

As we end the year of 2014 and begin with a new year in 2015, I encourage you to continue whatever momentum you have as you are growing and learning. However, if it has been a difficult year for you, be thankful and don’t forget that each day is new and we have a choice of what we make of it. Don’t limit yourself when you are capable of doing so many things!  Make something you may think is impossible, into something that is possible as you strive to make a difference in all you do in 2015. I wish you all blessings as you live one day at a time, never knowing when the end, may be the time for a new beginning!

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