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Life Coach Brian Black provides solutions for those overwhelmed by a world of rapid change.

Waco, TX, June 30, 2016: Certified Professional Coach, Brian Black, founder and CEO of Brian Black Coaching, posted a new blog on the Brian Black Coaching website entitled, How to survive the rapidly expanding tidal wave of change: Embrace it!” While most people are scrambling as fast as they can, attempting to keep up with more and more information, the fear creates a sense of aloneness rather than connectedness.


Black’s strategy may seem counter-intuitive, yet his success speaks for itself. Black says that, “Change is not going away and it’s not going to slow down.” Mr. Black is among an elite group of Master Practitioners trained to administer the Energy Life Index Assessment developed by the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). Black is recognized as an expert in coaching today’s leaders to successfully embrace change and transition in the ever-expanding world of technology. He is a member of the International Coach’s Federation (IFC) and spends his time fulfilling public speaking engagements, conduction workshops and working with individual clents.


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