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Millenials Are the Least Engaged Employees

Much has been written about the Millennial Generation. Are they lazy and unprepared for the workforce or are they ambitious and pioneering a new way to approach working?  Are they entitled and expect everything to be handed to them or do they simply prioritize different things? Will they save or destroy the American infrastructure?

Well, I don’t know about saving the world, but I can tell you that the Millenial generation of employees is the least engaged in the current work landscape. According to the latest Gallup numbers on Employee Engagement, Millenials come in at 28.9% – well below the US average of 33%.

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But, before deciding that you simply will not hire Millenials going forward, you should instead consider implementing strategies to improve engagement for all generations.  What can you do today to make a better, more engaged workplace tomorrow?

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