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T= Turn

Away with the old and in with the new. The first step in understanding the process of transformation is to “turn” away from the past and begin looking towards the future.

R= Realize

The realization of life or business is that change is going to be inevitable and we must embrace it. “Realize” the importance of dealing with the reality of change and accept it, even if it is not always fun.

A= Awareness

Recognize and be “Aware” of what is going on around you. Simply listening to others will allow you to begin experiencing things in a new light and seeing change & transition through a more clear pair of sunglasses.

N= New

Accept the “new” direction and transition that is taking place in your life. Newness may be painful at first, but perseverance pays off as new opportunities and change come your way.

S= Seasons

It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when things change. There is a “season” for every chapter of life and be prepared when it comes your way.

F= Fear

Conquering “Fear” and identifying your purpose will allow you to find your true potential as a person. Don’t allow fear to creep into the back of your mind and limit your beliefs of whether or not you are capable of embracing new change and transition.

O= Overcome

“Overcome” the obstacles that may stand in your way. Do away with any limiting beliefs that you may have that would inhibit your ability to believe in your new self.

R= Renew

“Renew” your mind and create a new consciousness of what is now taking place in your life.

M= Movement

There must be “Movement” in a new direction for you to experience TRUE Transformation.


I had a client in the past contact me because she had become burned out in her job. Her career had begun affecting personal relationships and creating limiting beliefs on whether her goals in life would ever be achieved. While discussing what the coaching process would be, we focused on the fact that she wanted to totally transform her views of herself and get to the core of what may be causing her to be “stuck” in her present situation.

After a very short time, I was able to coach her and reduce her limiting beliefs that she had in herself and ability to reach her full potential. She became aware of what direction she needed to go and decisions she needed to make. I equipped her with tools that allowed her to educate herself to better understand what transformation is all about.

I can say now that she has successfully created a new career path. In addition, she has become accountable to others that are going to help her move forward in her ability to believe in herself. She has put the pieces to the puzzle of life together and connected them to a new attitude and clarity of who she is and what she wants. By understanding her value as a person, she recognizes that she can overcome obstacles and renew her mind to accomplish total transformation.


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