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Which Professions Are the Most Engaged?

According to a recent Gallup study, the average percentage of engaged employees in the United States is 33%. This means that only one-third of the employees at any given business or organization is happy to come to work each day, engaged with what they do, promoting their company to others and advancing the goals of their employer.

Of course, not all jobs are created equal and there are certain job that carry a higher satisfaction rate and within those professions, the percentage of engaged employees is above average.  Not surprisingly, being at the top of the business food chain such as Managers, Officers and Executives is the number one category for employee engagement coming in at 38.4% (5% above the national average).

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The next highest engagement percentage is farming, fishing or forestry with 33.6% engagement. Thus proving there is an inherent satisfaction in creating something with your hands, mastering nature and nurturing growth.

Toward the bottom of the list are manufacturing, service and transportation which often combine long hours with lower pay, respect and prestige.

So what is the lesson here?  First, that your choice of job can affect your level of happiness and satisfaction.  However, even if you can’t be a pro fisherman or a forest ranger, you can still improve your own engagement as well as the overall engagement of your business or organization. In fact, the lower the beginning engagement, the more room there is for improvement.


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